SteriStore Self-Sterilizing Incubator

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HighRes SteriStore - Self-Sterilizing Automated Incubator

SteriStore sterilizes itself with dry heat—180°C for 3 hours, not including ramp-up and ramp-down. That exceeds even the most stringent dry heat sterilization protocols. And there’s no need to remove anything prior to sterilization; everything stays in the chamber to get sterilized. Plus wipedown is easy because there are no motors, gears, belts, or other mechanisms with nooks and crannies that are easy to contaminate and hard to clean.

SteriStore is insulated with aerogel (also known as frozen smoke), the lowest-density solid known. Aerogel is also listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the best insulator known to man. Comprised of air pores trapped in a dendritic microstructure, aerogel virtually blocks all three forms of heat transfer: conduction, convection, and radiation. And dual sets of automated doors minimize exposure of the internal chamber to the environment. That’s pretty much the best protection you can give your samples. And yourself.

SteriStore delivers plates in 8 seconds (and stores them just as speedily). That’s ultra high-throughput fast. And with two separate transfer nests, SteriStore is designed to wait on the robot, not the other way around. And auto-id of barcoded plate stackers prevent crashing of the spatula due to configuration mistakes.

SteriStore’s interface is an easy-to use graphical web page. Just point and click–no need to memorize cryptic codes. Navigate from set up to teaching to operation with ease. Network with Ethernet communications, not serial. And with web-based temperature and gas-level monitoring, plus email alerts of alarm conditions, you can be in constant contact with SteriStore.

Key Features:

• Load up to 462 or 924 standard microplates in an incredibly small footprint
• Self-sterilization cycle heats chamber to 180°C, with no need to remove delicate parts
• Aerogel insulation (also known as frozen smoke), the lowest-density solid known
• 8-second retrieval/storage time
• Integrated barcode scanning for fast inventory tracking
• Easy to load and remove stackers
• Compatible with MicroCart™ and MicroDock™
• Convenient Ethernet communications
• Automation friendly with easy-to-use integrators' kit
• Available with portrait or landscape presentation
• Multiple input/output nests user-configurable for load/unload at any height