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Steri-Cycle provides an unequalled combination of contamination protection; continuous Class 100 air filtration, and on-demand 140C sterilization.  All this in a flexible package that combines a wide range of useful options & accessories with the most powerful and easiest to use control interface around.

Product Detail

Steri-CycleTM CO2 Incubators are designed, manufactured, and tested to provide two highly effective methods of contamination control.  In addition to the 24 hour/day functioning of the patented HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) Filter Airflow System, which provides Class 100 chamber air within 5 minutes, you now have the capability of periodically running a heat sterilization cycle that destroys all microbial life forms.

Thermo Forma's CO2 incubators also provide an unequaled combination of performance, convenience, and reliability. . Specially designed wrap-around heaters surround all sides of the chamber walls, combining with the directed airflow to provide extremely uniform chamber temperature. Units are also easy to setup and program, with an alphanumeric message center and constant temperature and CO2 displays.

Key Accessories:
Interior Components 
Copper Interior Kits 
HEPA Filters & Cleaning Kits 
Roller dollies and stands 
Built-In Gas Guards 
Factory-Installed Data Outputs 
Gas Regulators 

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