Steri-Cult R Automated CO2 Incubator by Thermo Fisher Scientific

Steri-Cult R Automated CO2 Incubator by Thermo Fisher Scientific product image
Steri-Cult R Automated CO2 Incubator
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Thermo's new Steri-Cult R - our latest high-capacity contamination resistent tissue culture incubator meets the fastest version of the most widely used automated plate handling system on the market.  The result is a robot-compatible incubator that delivers:

  • Market-Leading Contamination Control
  • Best in Class Speed and Capacity
  • Easy System Integration

Steri-Cult R; the low-risk way to create higher throughput

 Product Detail

The new Steri-Cult R Automated CO2 Incubator is a winning combination of a sophisticated, robot-compatible, automated storage and plate handling system and our well known Steri-Cult CO2 Incubator - the name that brought leading edge technology, such as infrared CO2 sensors, microprocessor control, directed airflow, and HEPA filtration, to cell culture incubators.  Steri-Cult has been the leading name in high volume, contamination-resistant tissue culture for more than 15 years.  This is a key advantage in assay development, where contamination can bring the whole process to a stop, costing you time and money.

By uniting our cell culture incubator engineering and manufacturing expertise, highly regarded laboratory automation systems experience, and the talent of a leading automation designer, Thermo Electron Corporation was able to develop a new specialized drug discovery product that reflects years of solid research and rigorous testing.  The Steri-Cult R automated system, with its unique Class 100 HEPA chamber air, filtered external humidification system, and general ease of maintenance, is ideal for your demanding ADME/Tox assays, such as Caco2, as well as other cell-based assays and general automation compatible incubation applications.

Key Accessories:
Plate Hotels 
Transfer Stations 
HEPA Filters & Cleaning Kits 
Built-In Gas Guards 
Gas Regulators 

** The Steri-Cult R Automated CO2 Incubator is compatible with a breadth of our Laboratory Automation and Integration  products. 

Product Overview

Steri-Cult R Automated CO2 Incubator by Thermo Fisher Scientific product image