Steri-Cult CO2 Incubator by Thermo Fisher Scientific

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Steri-Cult CO2 Incubator
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Steri-Cult - for nearly 20 years the preferred brand in high volume tissue culture, newly evolved with both continious contamination control with Rapid Response Class 100 filtration, on-demand sterilization through a 140C heat cycle, and a contamination resistant external RH system.  All this, and the largest tissue culture chambers available make Steri-Cult unique.

Product Detail

Steri-Cult has been the leading name in high precision, high volume cell culture for more than 15 years.  It’s the name that brought leading edge technology, such as infrared CO2 sensors,microprocessor control, directed airflow, and HEPA filtration, to cell culture incubators.

In its latest evolution, Steri-Cult combines the largest available stackable CO2 incubator chambers with controlled external humidification and a suite of advanced contamination control features.  Class 100 HEPA filtered air offers continous contamination control, while an on-demand sterilization cycle provides fast contamination elimination.  The humidification system, in addition to being easy to monitor and fill, is completely front-accessable for easy cleaning and maintenance.

A favorite in biotech and pharmaceutical research and production laboratories and in high volume educational and clinical research facilities, Steri-Cult also offers innovative monitoring, product organization, and shelving features that enhance its ease of use and versatility.

Key Accessories:
Interior Components 
HEPA Filters & Cleaning Kits 
Roller dollies and stands 
Built-In Gas Guards 
Factory-Installed Data Outputs 
Gas Regulators 

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Steri-Cult CO2 Incubator by Thermo Fisher Scientific product image

Steri-Cult CO2 Incubator

Manufacturer Thermo Fisher Scientific

5.0 / 5.0 | 1 reviews