STEPP Calibration Sample by K-TEK Nanotechnology

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STEPP Calibration Sample
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STEPP calibration sample from K-TEK Nano

The Silicon Test Echeloned Pattern STEPP for AFM is designed on the base of silicon (111) surface with verified distribution of monoatomic steps as main calibrating inits for the complex control of AFM set up: 

• Height calibrating in angstrom and single nanometer intervals on the monoatomic steps; 
• Using the as the substrate for investigations of bio-objects, particulate matter and other; 
• More precision diagnostic of nanoobjects.

Specification of the STEPP calibration sample for AFM: 

• hip size - 1x4x0.3 mm3 
• Average interstep distance ~ 0,5-2 μm 
• Misorientation of surface from the (111) plate ~ 1 
• Single monoatomic step height 0,314 nm 
• Average roughness of the ar