STEM* Integrity 10 Reaction Blocks

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STEM intrusive or nonintrusive IR turbidity probes offer additional flexibility. Transitions can also be accurately measured, providing further functionality to the solubility process.

  • Integrated Microprocessor Control
  • Exclusive user-friendly and intuitive touchscreen simplifies operation, enables rapid access of important information for each critical parameter in the reaction block
  • Provides trend analysis for convenient evaluation of performance without connection to a laptop
  • Front-mounted 5.7 in. (14.5cm) screen for easy accessibility and viewing
  • Easy-to-use menu with prompts and simple icons reduce the potential for costly errors
  • Visibility of each cell, showing the complete profile: onscreen logs and usage recording
  • Graph performance trends over established timeframes
  • Run event history logs protected with user passcodes and control lockouts
  • Data extractable via USB or SD card
  • Integrity 10 Solubility and Crystallization Software
  • Provides full data logging of all key parameters, such as temperature and stirrer speed, using PC control
  • Experimental records and data are clearly displayed for convenient, at-a-glance monitoring of in-cell conditions
  • Real-time editing of ramp rates, run times and setpoints
  • User-friendly: all data is easily exported for further analysis
  • Data banks can be produced for simple storage and retrieval of frequently used protocols

Compatible with:

Integrity 10 reflux (ATS20000)
Cap with valve and sensor inlet, package of 10 (ATS10377)
Glass tubers, 24 x 150mm, package of 10 (ATS10075)
Stirrer bar, 10 x 6mm oval, package of 10 (AZS4206)
Stirrer bar, 12 x 4.5mm cylindrical, package of 10 (AZS4235)
Multitemp 10 module (ATS10001)
Thermocouple probe, package of 6 (ATS10027)
Integrity software (ATS11005)
NonIntrusive IR sensor (ATS10360-1)
Intrusive IR probe, stainless steel (ATS10230)
IR probe, hastelloy (ATS10230H)
Multi-IR box (ATS10232)

Warranty and Service Offering: Three years with service contract

Compliance: CE

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STEM* Integrity 10 Reaction Blocks

Manufacturer Thermo Fisher Scientific

3.3 / 5.0 | 1 reviews