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StatStrip® Glucose
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The Nova StatStrip® Glucose Monitoring system features a patented Multi-Well measuring technology that meets the escalating demands of today’s hospital blood glucose testing.

StatStrip® technology elevates bedside glucose testing to a level of accuracy, precision, and patient safety that approaches the quality of central laboratory testing.

StatStrip® is the only bedside glucose meter to eliminate glucose errors due to haematocrit interference. Haematocrit interference can cause glucose errors as large as 40%. One of StatStrip’s measuring wells measures haematocrit and corrects the glucose result for abnormal haematocrit levels. As such the device is ideal for use with neonates.

StatStrip® Multi-Well technology employs an additional interference measurement well to measure and eliminate electrochemical interferences. Fast, 6-

  • second Glucose Results
  • Small, 1.2µL Sample
  • Simple, Colour Touch Screen Operation