CoolRack™ PCR by Panasonic Biomedical Sales Europe BV

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CoolRack™ PCR

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CoolRack™ PCR is a form-fit thermo-conductive module for 96- or 384-Well PCR plates, tubes, and strips with complete contact design. Maintain uniform temperature or perform rapid temperature shift to all wells. In addition, the highly thermo-conductive CoolRackTM eliminates edge effects from your plates. For ice-free cooling, combine the CoolRackTM PCR with a CoolBoxTM Microplate System and achieve hours of bench top ice-free cooling below 4°C without ice.
Simply place the thermo-conductive CoolRackTM on top of ice, dry ice or water bath or block warmer. Maintains a stable temperature of 0.5- 3C while it is in contact with ice.


  • Stable cooling device for safe and dry PCR reaction assembly.
  • Uniform cooling for all wells.
  • Maintains 0.5-3C temperature while in contact with ice.
  • No pre-refrigeration necessary, simply place CoolRack on ice.
  • Rapid temperature shifts for heat shock procedures.
  • Easy to autoclave, can be baked or treated w/ 5% bleach solution or RNAse-Away.
  • Prevents contamination for prevention of RNA degradation.
  • Uniform temperature distribution for edge effect suppression.


  • Profiled "form fit" tube holes for complete tube wall contact.
  • Rapid thermo-conductivity through a hard anodized aluminum alloy construction.
  • Easy cooling or warming through direct contact with ice, dry ice, block warmers, warm water.
  • Ideal for use with ThermalTrayTM or CoolTrayTM for stable, level work below 4°C for over 10
  • hours without changing ice
  • Also for incubations at any temperature in a water bath
  • Capacity: 96 tubes; PCR 96 well plate, 0.2ul tubes, 8 and 12 tube strips.