Stability test and plant growth chambers: EKOCT–EKOCH–EKOCHL

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Angelantoni stability test and plant growth chambers: EKOCT–EKOCH–EKOCHL
High reliability and precision, low consumption and noise in compliance with users needs.
• High reliability.
• Maximum flexibility
• High precision in regulation and control by PLC and P.I.D.
• Maximum accuracy in testing.
• Low energy consumption.
• Low noise.
• Easy to use.
• In compliance with GLP and GMP standards

• Temperature range: from -10°C to +60°C, ±0.5°C
• Capacity: from 700/900 up to 1500 liters.
• Humidity range: from 20% to 90%, ±4%
• Environmental friendly refrigerant R 134a
• Glass inner door
• Superior insulation
• Internal ventilation
• High density fluorescent lamps
• Easy to clean with adjustable shelves

Digital reading microprocessor control regulator:
• Lighting system control (7 days timer and On/Off switch)
• Temperature and humidity microprocessor control
• User friendly electronic programmable controller (PLC)
• Easy and fine tuning conditions
• Safety lock keys

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Stability test and plant growth chambers: EKOCT–EKOCH–EKOCHL

Manufacturer Angelantoni Industrie s.p.a

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