Squirt™ Microplate Washer by Matrical, Inc.

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Squirt™ Microplate Washer
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Matrical, Inc.

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The SQUIRT™ multi-format microplate washer is designed for reliability and can be used as a bench top device or in integrated robotic systems. SQUIRT microplate washers can wash any 96, 384, 1536 or 3456 well SBS formatted plate without manifold exchange or adjustments at speeds up to three wash/dry cycles per 15 seconds.

The SQUIRT microplate washer's unique slit manifold design minimizes maintenance associated with clogged probes and the ‘donut effect’ where cells are removed during aspiration with traditional probe based instruments. A plate inversion/underside spraying technique achieves a wash efficiency of greater than 106. SQUIRT microplate washers are the perfect addition for any lab performing cell based assays, ELISAs, coating microplates, or conducting high content screening or proteomics and genomics research.


• Wash any SBS compliant microplate with a single microplate washer 
• Advanced wash head manifold design eliminates the need for seperate wash heads 
• Precise, fast, easy to use, and robotics compatible 
• Ideal for the most demanding wash requirements with washing efficiency - dilutions > 106 
• Quick setup with easy out-of-the box design 
• Full controlable and programable wash parameters, which are easy to use, even for a novice users