SQ Detector LC/MS by Waters

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SQ Detector LC/MS

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For chromatographers looking for increased selectivity, sensitivity and high throughput confirmation, conventional HPLC methodology is often not up to the task. But with everyday time and resource demands, introducing new mass spectrometry technologies into the lab can be challenging.

Waters’ next-generation single quadrupole MS detector for Ultra Performance LC™, the ACQUITY™ SQD, is designed specifically with the chromatographer in mind. The SQ Detector offers a simple yet powerful solution for your multi-tasking, fast-paced laboratory environment – with robust and reliable performance, and walk-up operation for any expertise level.

With its simple upkeep, minimal bench space requirements and interactive IntelliStart™ diagnostics software for worry-free system optimization and performance checks, even the most inexperienced chemist can obtain superior results quickly and easily, every day.

The SQ Detector leverages the advanced technology of the ACQUITY UPLC™ System to give you more benefits than you’ve ever experienced from traditional LC and LC/MS systems. You will work with very narrow UPLC peaks and superb spectral quality to identify all of the compounds in your sample, quickly and easily, for methods development peak tracking, synthesis confirmation and product deformulation.