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SPOT Xplorer 4 Mp Cooled CCD Camera
The SPOT Xplorer cameras provide the broadest set of capabilities available for research grade Fluorescence imaging. These capabilities include high speed live cell quantitative imaging applications, as well as long exposure, extremely low light imaging applications.

Target Applications:
brightfield documentation, time lapse, FISH, ion imaging, FRET, FRAP, TIRF, particle tracking, real-time confocal, in-vivo fluorescence, in-vivo bioluminescence, luciferous, bioluminescnce, chemiluminescence, in-vivo chemiluminescence

Key Features:
•  ~4 fps full resolutions image capture
•  Binning & region of interest for increased frame rates
•  Large 21.4 mm FOV that matches the microscope eyepiece FOV
•  -42 C regulated cooling, (~70 C unregulated mode differential cooling)
•  9-12 e read noise @ 10 MHz and 20 MHz respectively
•  14-bit digitization circuitry
•  2048 x 2048 4.0 Mp scientific grade CCD with >57% peak QE
•  4/3” C-Mount optical format
•  PCI-Express computer interface
•  Windows OS software: SPOT, MetaMorph, MicroManager and LabView
•  Mac OS software: SPOT and MicroManager

   Monochrome: for single fluorescence probes
   Dual Mode Slider: supports both color brightfield and monochrome fluorescent applications in one camera