SPEX SamplePrep 8515 Enclosed Shatter Box

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Swing mill that accommodates sample sizes ranging from 2 - 100 grams. Ideal for pulverizing dry, brittle samples and slurry grinding.

Typical samples include: Cements, Soils, Ceramics, Slag, Rocks, Minerals, Ores, Pharmaceuticals, Sulfur Pellets, Dried Plant Material

  • 8507R Multiple-Sample Rack permits processing of three smaller samples.
  • Cam-activated clamp requires only moderate hand pressure to secure the grinding dish in the Shatterbox and is adjustable for containers of different heights.
  • Grinds samples in the 2- 100 gram range.
  • Most popular “swing mill” in America, capable of grinding up to 100 grams of brittle material to an analytical fineness.
  • Perforated metal skirt provides ventilation for continuous operation, and a rubber cover protects against dust.
  • Swings a dish-shaped grinding container with a puck, and often a ring, in a tight high-speed circle.
  • Typical grinding time is two minutes or less.
  • Wide selection of grinding containers available including hardened steel, tungsten carbide, alumina ceramic, and zirconia ceramic.