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SPEKOL® 2000

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SPEKOL® 2000 — The smallest, most robust double beam spectrophotometer

The SPEKOL® 2000 is a double beam system with variable slit width in a spectral range 190-1100 nm with an outstanding price-performance ratio.

For the daily routine:
• Automatic Self Check System
• Control by UV VIS Software WinASPECT
• Pre-programmed tools ensure a problem-free, simple handling even without specialized knowledge
• Measurement of transmittance, absorbance or concentration via factor, simple standard or linear calibration.
• Kinetic Printing of methods and measurement results.
• Package BIO

Versatile appications:
The SPEKOL® 2000 is ideal for use in a clinical laboratory, pharmaceutical industry, environmental protection and various fields of quality control.

Especially in UV/Vis spectroscopy, it is essential to have a wide range of accessories that make your spectrophotometer applicable to many different kinds of analytical jobs and provide further automation. Whether cell holders, cell changer or flowcell systems. Choose the right system for your individual analytical needs.