Speedwave®four Microwave Digestion Systems

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Speedwave®four Microwave Digestion Systems
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Berghof GmbH

The new Berghof 'speedwave® four' microwave pressure digestion system makes laboratory work easier and safer. Very easy handling Thanks to the top loading concept the entire, heavy rotor no lo...read more

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The new Berghof 'speedwave® four' microwave pressure digestion system makes laboratory work easier and safer.

Very easy handling
Thanks to the top loading concept the entire, heavy rotor no longer needs to be lifted and placed in the furnace for loading with sample vessels. It remains instead in the furnace and the vessels are simply inserted individually and removed again after digestion. The heated vessels can be removed immediately after digestion and the system reloaded.
The sample throughput rate is significantly raised because the cooling down phase is omitted. All of the digestion vessels consist of only a few individual parts and are correspondingly fast and easy to lock or open. It is handled manually without any special tools. The contactless sensor technology simplifies working with the system and reduces operating costs. It is no longer necessary to take measurements in a reference vessel. There is no need for sensor connections. Dip pipes no longer need to be mounted, sealed and cleaned. 

  • Convenient pressure digestion owing to top loading concept 
  • Optimal safety because of contactless temperature and pressure measurement 
  • Low operating costs

Safety thanks to contactless pressure and temperature measurement of all samples
The speedwave® DIRC thermometer for contactless measurements measures the temperature of every single sample solution directly. There is no time delay owing to heating up the vessel walls or sensors. The equally contact-free, optical pressure control captures all of the internal pressures of vessels. It is not necessary to take measurements in a reference vessel.
The microwave output is controlled via the specified temperature profile and, when the internal pressure of the vessel approaches the maximum vessel pressure, via the pressure. This combination of temperature and pressure control enables ideal process control and ensures optimal safety.

Low operating costs
Berghof uses only pressure vessels made from solid TFMTM-PTFE. The vessel and lid are pressure-resistant and produced entirely from this material. A pressure jacket and/or lid made from a different plastic material which is partly microwave-transparent and not resistant to acid (e.g. PEEK) is not necessary. The material used affords the vessels a service life of at least 3-5 years. Hence the vessels are no longer regarded as consumables and are therefore logically included in the device warranty. The 'speedwave® four' significantly reduces the operating costs for microwave pressure digestion.


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