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SPECTROstar® Omega
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Rating: 4.0

  • Application Area: absorbance measurement binding assay

"The absorbance plate reader is easy to use and the analysis software linked to it is user friendly, but still can be further improved to fasten the data analysis. The after sales service is also very good. If we have any problem with the analysis software or the reader itself we can easily get in contact with an engineer from BMG and discuss issues. Concerning the value for money, this absorbance plate reader really performs well. To give you an idea: this absorbance plate-reader is really good for binding assay development on microplate based assays. It has very good accuracy measurements, reproducibility and resolution properties. The reading of a 384-well plate is really fast (17min for one entire 384 well plate). I really advise this plate-reader for screening."

Review date: 08 Oct 2013 | SPECTROstar® Omega

The SPECTROstar Omega microplate reader is a part of the BMG LABTECH’s family of readers that contain a CCD-based spectrometer for ultra-fast, full spectrum absorbance measurements.

In less than 1 second per well, this spectrometer is able to capture an entire UV/Vis absorbance spectrum (220 to 1000 nm) at a resolution of 1 nm. This unique feature allows for absorbance assays to be performed on the SPECTROstar Omega that cannot be performed with other microplate reader technology.

Combined with precise temperature control (up to 65°C), on-board reagent injection, multi-mode shaking capabilities, high reproducibility and a wide dynamic range, the SPECTROstar Omega provides users with unmatched flexibility and sensitivity to perform any absorbance based assay needed.

For cell-based assays, BMG LABTECH’s Atmospheric Control Unit can be added to the SPECTROstar Omega. This optional microprocessor controlled ACU allows users to fully regulate CO2 (0 - 20%) and O2 (1 - 19%) independently within the microplate reader chamber. The ACU provides users with a walk away solution for all cell based assays. 

For low volume sample measurements in assays like DNA, RNA, or protein concentration determination, the SPECTROstar Omega can use BMG LABTECH’s LVis Plate. This LVis plate has sixteen microdrop wells that can hold two microliters of sample. By using the LVis plate, researchers will save on precious samples like DNA or RNA.

Due to the modular concept of the Omega series of microplate reader series, the SPECTROstar Omega is entirely upgradeable to a multi-mode microplate reader. Whenever the need for fluorescence, luminescence, or time-resolved fluorescence based experiments arises, the SPECTROstar Omega is easily upgraded to a FLUOstar Omega or even the POLARstar Omega with Simultaneous Dual Emission for fluorescence polarization assays.


  • 260/280 nm DNA, RNA quantitation
  • Protein quantitation (e.g. Bradford, Lowry, BCA)
  • Reporter gene assays (e.g. ß-Gal)
  • Cell proliferation and apoptosis
  • ELISAs, enzyme immunoassays (e.g. alkaline phosphatase, horseradish peroxidase)
  • Enzyme activity assays
  • Microbial cell growth

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SPECTROstar® Omega by BMG LABTECH product image

SPECTROstar® Omega

Manufacturer BMG LABTECH  |  Available Worldwide

4.0 / 5.0 | 1 reviews