Spectroquant® Pharo UV/Vis Spectrophotometer for water analysis

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Combine the benefits of a system photometer with the versatility of a spectrophotometer.

Merck’s Spectroquant® Pharo 100 and 300 spectrophotometers open up the possibilities for water analysis. Whether you wish to program your own methods, measure concentrations or absorbances, record spectra and kinetic profiles, or perform multiwavelength measurements, Merck makes all applications possible.

Simplest possible handling with barcode ID for all Spectroquant® test kits
Automatically identifies cells and selects measuring ranges
Consistent analytical quality assurance (AQA) process
Certified test safety due to batch and quality certificates
Unlimited possibilities with own-method programming and over 150 pre-programmed test kits

From drinking, surface, process or waste water to beverages and disinfection control, there are over 150 routine tests with measuring ranges and citation forms from aluminium to zinc. Plus, ready-to-use, preconditioned cell tests and reagent tests with detection limits down to the ppb range. 

With a wavelength range of 320-1100 nm, the Spectroquant® Pharo 100 spectrophotometer is ideal for measurements in the VIS range, and suitable for use with all Spectroquant® test kits. In addition, Spectroquant® Pharo 300, with a wavelength range of 190-1100 nm, also enables measurements in the UV range.