Spectrophotometer Cuvettes

Manufacturer Kromatek

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Complete range of high quality cuvettes for use in optical spectroscopy

Kromatek now has a range of excellent low cost cuvettes manufactured from high purity silica and manufactured to ISO 9000. Optical transparency is guaranteed as is matching if buying sets of cuvettes.

The Kromatek cuvettes are extremely competitively priced! And we have optical glass cuvettes for colorimetry and general teaching applications

  • UV-Visible to Visible to Infrared quartz cuvettes
  • Excellent optical throughput even into the far UV and infrared
  • Fluorescence cuvettes also available
  • Path lengths down to 1mm up to 100mm
  • Low volume down to 5µL
  • Flow through cells

We recently added short path length disposable cuvettes for Fluorescence and UV-Visible spectroscopy, transparent down to 220nm. With accurate sub millimetre path lengths these are excellent for demanding applications where you want reliable measurement and want to avoid carry over!

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Spectrophotometer Cuvettes

Manufacturer Kromatek

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