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Spectroelectrochemical Transmission Cell

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The Specac Spectroelectrochemical Transmission Cell is a demountable UV/Vis/NIR/IR liquid cell that encompasses an optically-transparent thin-layer electrode (OTTLE) structure to facilitate electrochemical spectroscopic measurements. The cell comprises two CaF2 windows separated by a 100 or 200 micron sample layer, where gold grid working electrode and counter electrodes, and a silver reference electrode, are photolithographically imprinted on surface of the front window in contact with the sample. Grid structures with a period of 5.5 lines/mm are available as standard. Kalrez® perfluoroelastomer seals are used to ensure chemical compatibility with a range of organic solvents, and the demountable cell design allows for ease of cleaning. The cell is air-tight, has a small sample volume (ca 0.3 – 0.6 ml), and can be used in an evacuated environment.

Specac’s Spectroelectrochemical Transmission Cell follows a modular design concept to fit with a range of Specac sample holders. In particular, the cell is compatible with Specac’s Ambient Temperature Cell Holder (GS20740), Variable Temperature Cell Holder (GS21525), Water Heating Jacket (GS20710), and Electrical Heating Jacket (GS20730), to allow Spectroelectrochemical transmission measurements from – 50°C to 90°C depending on the cell holder selected.

Spectroelectrochemistry couples the techniques of electrochemistry and spectroscopy. It involves the application of an electric field to a sample whilst simultaneously recording spectroscopic absorption features, and has particular application for monitoring redox-coupled reactions to allow in-situ spectroscopic analysis of electro-generated intermediates and/or products.