SPECORD® 40/ 50 by Analytik Jena AG

Manufacturer Analytik Jena AG

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SPECORD® 40/ 50

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SPECORD® 40/ 50 – ideal for daily routine

To satisfy the rigid standards of pharma-regulation, instrument designs must be exacting to the last detail. With its array of compelling performance features, the SPECORD® readily qualifies.

Lamp change with exceptional ease
The light sources of the SPECORD® is prealigned, easily accessible and above all, readily interchangeable. Switching between the deuterium and halogen lamps is easily done and has a wide range of programmability. With striking simplicity, both lamps can be switched on or off via the software menu.

The SPECORD® is highly dependable with a minimum of moving parts. Computer-controlled stepper motors drive the filter wheel, the slit unit, the lamp switching mirror and the linear grating actuator.

The cast aluminum base plate is a solid foundation for high optical and mechanical stability. The voltage-stabilized radiation sources guarantees accurate measurements immediately upon start up, and over many hours, of use.

The benefits: 
• Excellent signal-to-noise ratio 
Incredibly fast measurements 
• Exceptionally low identification limit 
• High short-term and long-term stability 
• No warm-up phase 
• Scanning of spectra, as well as measurements at fixed wavelengths

SPECORD® 50 – Powerful UV VIS spectrophotometer with double-beam mode due to SBT (Split-Beam Technology), measuring range 190 - 1100 nm.
The new concept behind the SPECORD® 50 combines the high energy throughput of a single-beam spectrophotometer with the stability of a double-beam instrument.
All this is due to the Split-Beam-Technology (SBT). Unlike the classical double-beam spectrophotometer, by far the greater part of the source energy is used for the sample beam. Only a minor share of the radiation energy is branched off, via a beam splitter, and focused on a reference detector.

SPECORD® 40 – Robust single-beam spectrophotometer for spectral range from UV to NIR (190 - 1100 nm).