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Specialty PCR Enzymes
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Easy-A High-Fidelity PCR Cloning Enzyme & Master Mix PfuTurbo Cx Hotstart DNA Polymerase PicoMaxx High Fidelity PCR System & Master Mix
Easy-A High-Fidelity PCR Cloning Enzyme & Master M
Easy-A high-fidelity PCR cloning enzyme combines the higher accuracy of a proofreading enzyme with the high cloning efficiency of Taq. PCR products amplified with the Easy-A PCR cloning enzyme can be cloned directly, without performing additional steps typically required when amplifying with proofreading polymerases.
Combines the cloning efficiency of Taq DNA polymerase with the accuracy of Pfu DNA polymeraseProofreading DNA polymerase formulation efficiently adds 3-A overhangs to PCR amplicons as efficiently as Taq Easy-A-amplified PCR products are ready to clone into the TOPO TA Cloning vector and other T/U vectorsFidelity equivalent to Pfu DNA polymerase and 6x more accurate than TaqDNA polymeraseHot-start formulation provides enhanced specificityNEW! Master mix available for maximum convenience and throughput
PfuTurbo Cx Hotstart DNA Polymerase
The PfuTurbo Cx hotstart DNA polymerase is formulated with a mutant of Pfu DNA polymerase that overcomes uracil stalling completely, allowing the polymerase to read through uracil located in the template strand or incorporated into the extending strand. Since uracil read-through can introduce mutations that adversely impact fidelity, we have further engineered the mutant polymerase to increase the level of proofreading activity.
World's only high fidelity polymerase which efficiently incorporates dUTPTolerates varying PCR conditions including problematic systems with little optimization requiredHot start formulation provides improved specificityGreat for UNG decontamination protocols, bi-sulfite sequencing, and DNA methylation studiesHigh yield and superior robustness provide reliability and success for any PCR need
PicoMaxx High Fidelity PCR System & Master Mix
The PicoMaxx high fidelity PCR system reliably produces high PCR product yields on a wide variety of templates up to 10 kb. It also provides superior sensitivity by successfully amplifying samples where starting material is limited.
High sensitivity provides maximum PCR reliabilityConsistent, robust amplification up to 10 kbSuperior efficiency and yield with our patented ArchaeMaxx polymerase-enhancing factorOptimal overall performance with exceptional valueHigh-specificity hot-start allows room temperature setup

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