SP1 Flash Purification system by Biotage

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SP1 Flash Purification system
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Average Rating: 3.7
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Rating: 3.7

"Although this is an excellent flash LC, the service was too expensive. A CD with the software is not sent with the product and I had to beg them to send me a new hard disk drive with the software on it after convincing them I could install it myself."

Review date: 26 Apr 2011 | SP1 Flash Purification system
The single-column flash purification system with Touch Logic Control™ and TLC-to-gradient feature designed to accelerate and simplify the purification process.

Touch Logic Control
Load and run a sample in 3 simple steps using a built-in touch screen and new graphical user-interface, without the need for an external computer.

TLC-to-gradient profile (patent pending)
Automatically create a method and choose the optimal cartridge size based on the TLC data and sample load entered. Change the gradient and fractionation parameters “on-the-fly” (during operation).

Features of the SP1 Flash Purification system:

Compact design
The SP1’s compact footprint fits easily into a standard fume hood and accommodates the Biotage FLASH 12–40 cartridges without external stands.

Solvent and waste monitoring Automatically calculate the required solvent amount, monitor the solvent volume used and receive notice to replenish reservoirs when needed. Accumulated waste is also measured eliminating potential overflows.

Leak sensor (optional) Automatically detect fluid line leaks and pause the system with an alert.

Variable dual-wavelength detector (optional) Collect fractions using one wavelength while simultaneously monitoring the separation at a second wavelength. Flow cells available with either a 0.1 or 0.3 mm flow path.

Fraction arm positioning Precise fraction arm positioning will not dispense fractions if misaligned, eliminating sample loss.

Fraction Finder Locate compounds of interest faster by pressing the fraction finder button and chromatogram. The fraction position is highlighted on the chromatogram and the collection display.

Print reports Print results and transfer methods to another SP1™ system or PC. Run data and methods are automatically stored.

Auto-continue feature Detect UV absorbance in the flow cell and continue pumping solvent and collecting fractions after the run until the baseline stabilizes.