SP 5000 Series Pump by Chandler Engineering

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SP 5000 Series Pump

Chandler Engineering

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The Quizix Q5000 Pump System provides continuous, pulse-free fluid flow even at very high pressures. The Q5000 Pump Systems has become the industry standard for core analysis and other applications requiring extreme accuracy in flow rates, pressure control, and volume measurements. Operated with PumpWorks software, the 5000 Series offers features not available with any other pump system.

The Quizix Q5000 Pump System is comprised of the following key components:
Reliable Mechanics:Q5000 pump cylinders (from one to eight). View the 3-D VRML Model of Cylinder
State-of-the-Art Electronics: CMD-5000 Dual Controller Motor Driver.
Feature-loaded Software: Quizix PumpWorks software
The modular design of the 5000 Series allows users to specify both the model and number of pump cylinders to be included, as well as any options such as Hastelloy wetted parts or our High Temperature Option.

Pump systems can include from one to eight pump cylinders (shown as the second digit in the part number). A two-cylinder pump system (Q5200) can pump one fluid continuously; a four-cylinder system (Q5400) can pump two fluids continuously. An important advantage of this "building block" approach to pump system components is that it allows users to easily expand or reconfigure their system as their needs change.

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