Soxtherm 416 by Lab Synergy

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Soxtherm 416
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Gerhardt has created a complete line of Soxtherm models, creating the ideal opportunity to have a state of the art lab for Extraction systems. One of the most impressive units in the line is the Soxtherm 416, capable of six extraction places capable of holding both small and large beakers. The unit is capable of nearly all analytical areas in fat determination and sample preparation specifically: milk, cereal, meat, oil, fruits, fat in feeds, mineral oil in rocks, dioxins, coatings of fertilizers, and pesticides.

Three highlighting features of this product line are safety, versatility and cost effective. The unit’s design ensures a high security value when using solvents preventing common hazardous and costly mistakes. The design allows for cost reduction with the use of solvent recovery and flexibility of applications based on the capability to use most solvents for extractions.