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Speed, reliability and ease of use in physisorption and chemisorption

The advanced automation, the analytical performance and the versatility of the Sorptomatic make it the ideal tool for reliable, fast and simple characterization of solids, powders or activated surfaces. The Sorptomatic, using the static volumetric gas adsorption method, can easily and precisely determine properties like the specific surface area and meso-micropore size distribution.

Product Detail

Sorptomatic features two built-in independent degassing stations with several heating programs that can be selected by the operator. It is available in three configurations to suit the analytical requirements. In the standard configuration Sorptomatic easily and rapidly determines complete adsorption and desorption isotherms for surface area and mesopore size distribution. The Micropore configuration permits the operator to measure extremely narrow pores, starting from the molecular dimension of Nitrogen. . In addition, Krypton can be used to measure very low surface areas, whenever pores are not present. Finally, in the Chemisorption Configuration, Sorptomatic can also measure chemisorption isotherms for catalysts characterization (metal surface area, metal dispersion degree, etc.).