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Sorcerer 2
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Sorcerer 2 is designed to support multiple researchers, such as in high-throughput laboratories, core facilities and corporate environments.
Designed for scientists whose throughput and sophistication needs outgrow their basic all-in-one proteomics software, while offering improved reliability and operating cost compared to cluster computers.

High throughput, easy to use

Sorcerer 2 is a fully integrated data analysis system that is compact enough to fit under a desk, yet powerful enough to run the most rigorous algorithms needed for successful pathway proteomic studies. Sensitive and comprehensive SEQUEST® searches with multiple PTMs enabled become routine, even for large datasets. Results analysis is available with Scaffold, the Trans-Proteomics Pipeline or Bioworks®.


-No IT maintenance
-Plug and play setup
-Simple operation
-Multi-user, web-based workflows
-Scriptable MUSE™ results post-processing and PTM characterization
-Supports all major MS-MS vendors’ file formats
-Search Thermo RAW files directly
-Optimized for PTM analysis
-Data repository for spectral data and results
-Robust Linux-based multicore system