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Solvent Safety Products
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SCAT solvent safety systems have been designed to bring solvent safety to the laboratory. The specially designed caps for both solvent reservoirs and waste containers fit virtually any sized container.

Certified by TUV in Germany these safety systems af guaranteed to protect your health in the laboratory. Recent legislation has meant the use of solvent safety systems are mandatory in a number of EU countries and several EU member states have adopted SCAT as the system of choice.

The SCAT safety system also brings a couple of other key benefits. The solvent reservoirs are sealed from dust and also from evaporation which can significantly increases the lifetime of your made-up solvents.

The other benefit is that the caps are made in two pieces so the routine of topping up solvent doesn’t mean a load of twisted tubes!

  • Safety containers
  • Solvent safety caps
  • Waste safety caps
  • Solvent level sensors to prevent accidental emptying or overfilling