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Solubility Workflow
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Start-to-finish solution for solubility profiling.

The Solubility Workflow enables precise and accurate measurement of the solubility of compounds starting from solid forms or solutions of active pharmaceuticals and intermediates. It is also available in a Benchtop Systems configuration. The Benchtop System is a self-contained, software-driven system, while the integrated workflow connects with other equipment in the lab and supports searching, security and auditing and configurable document workflow.

Speed research during several stages of the drug development process, from discovery to lead optimization and process development, using the Solubility Workflow to perform a diverse set of R&D activities, including:

  • Solubility versus composition of media (e.g., solvent mixtures, gastric fluids, etc.)
  • Solubility versus temperature
  • Solubility versus pH
  • Library-based determination of log P and log D
  • Library-based determination of pKa
  • Integrated Symyx Software enables researchers to easily plan and execute large, combinatorial experiments and then visualize, interpret, and share the results of those experiments.

Prepare: Modular equipment offers variety of solubility profiling studies on one system

  • Prepare libraries and dispense solvents and buffers according to design, using solution dispensing followed by solvent evaporation in array format.
  • Automated Core Module increases experimentation rates and profiles more compounds, using on deck heating, stirring, vortexing, sample weighing, sample imaging, heated septum-piercing probe, viscous dispense tips, pH probes, and multi-tip probes.
  • Easily determine solubility in difficult to manipulate viscous vehicles (Tweens, PEGs, etc.) using Symyx Software modules and workflows.

Process: Automated workflow to increase experiment breadth and development success

  • Run hundreds of experiments in parallel, giving every sample the same treatment and processing to make comparisons more meaningful.
  • Screen binary and ternary solvent systems for high-yield crystallization conditions.
  • Find crystallization systems that selectively exclude impurities.
  • Reduce waste costs and improve “Green Score” of process by screening environmentally favorable systems.

Analyze: Automation and informatics combined to significantly increase throughput

  • Track different dilution samples and flag best data using software data package.
  • Easily analyze multiple dilutions of hundreds of samples.
  • Profile API solubility vs. pH and temperature.