Solid-State NMR Probes by Agilent Technologies

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Solid-State NMR Probes
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Available in Single to Quadruple Resonance Styles

  Agilent solids NMR probes are offered in a variety of narrow and wide bore configurations to address all of your application needs. Our T3 (Tuning Tube Technology) probes incorporate a unique frequency optimized RF design that delivers the highest possible sensitivity and shortest RF pulses in all solid-state NMR applications, even in narrow bore magnets. All solids probes feature the patented PENCIL rotor module, enabling features such as self-starting and trouble-free spinning, and can accommodate air sensitive or inhomogeneous samples. Solids probes are available in single to quadruple resonance styles, providing superior performance for the most challenging structural and dynamics problems in biomolecular, chemical, polymer, and material science applications.