solid AA® - direct solid AAS by Analytik Jena AG

Manufacturer Analytik Jena AG

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solid AA® - direct solid AAS

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In combination with the new various solid sampler, the AAS instruments made by Analytik Jena (novAA®, ZEEnit, contrAA®) are able to analyze solid samples directly without dissolution. The time-consuming sample preparation and the danger of contamination and loss of material to be analyzed are reduced to a minimum.

When using the Solid AA® - direct solid AAS, the sample only has to be comminuted and optionally homogenized and can then be analyzed directly. The samples are measured out by hand on reusable graphite platforms. The robot arm of the sampler transports the platform to the integrated microbalance. Subsequently, modifier solutions and standard solutions or other reagents are added automatically and the sample is transported into the graphite furnace. After the measurement, the platform is immediately ready for the next sample. Due to the fully automatic measurement of up to 84 samples, the sampler makes a high throughput of samples possible.
This system allows routine solid AAS. Due to the high degree of automation and the simple handling, the solids sampler is suitable for rapid routine analysis in an industrial environment. However, the instrument is also used in the clinical area and in research.

• Analytical Advantages Analysis of the unadulterated original samples
• No time-consuming sample digestion
• No dilution with environmentally-hazardous reagents
• Minimized danger of contamination High sensitivity
• True microquantity method.