Solartron 1260A Impedance Analyzer by Ametek, Inc.

Manufacturer Ametek, Inc.

Solartron 1260A Impedance Analyzer by Ametek, Inc. product image
Solartron 1260A Impedance Analyzer
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The model 1260A Impedance/Gain-Phase Analyzer is - without doubt - the most powerful, accurate and flexible Frequency Response Analyzer available today. In daily use by leading researchers wherever measurement integrity and experimental reliability are of paramount importance, the 1260A’s solid reputation is frequently endorsed in published research papers in fields such as:

• Corrosion studies
• Battery research and fuel cells
• Solar cells
• LCD's
• Bio-materials
• Ceramics / composites
• Electronic component development
• Civil engineering

One of Solartron Analytical’s extensive range of precision products designed to provide cost effective solutions for DC and AC analysis in electrochemical and materials research, the 1260A offers an outstanding measurement specification for impedance spectroscopy.

Wide frequency range
Spanning 10µHz to 32MHz with 0.015ppm resolution, the 1260A provides excellent coverage for virtually all chemical and molecular mechanisms - all in a single instrument.

Unbeatable accuracy
With an accuracy of 0.1%, 0.1º, measurements can be made with complete confidence, and even the most subtle changes in sample behavior detected and quantized

Noise free analysis

The 1260A uses Solartron Analytical’s patented single-sine correlation technique, which inherently removes the noise and harmonic distortion which plagues lesser instruments.

• Frequency resolution: 1 in 65 million (0.015ppm)
• 0.1%, 0.1º accuracy - unsurpassed by any similar instrument
• Resolution to 0.001dB, 0.01º - capturing every detail
• Measures impedances >100MΩ
• 2-, 3- and 4-terminal measurement configurations
• Polarization voltage up to ±40.95V
• Compatible with the renowned ZPlot software package to simplify experiments and optimize throughput.

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Solartron 1260A Impedance Analyzer by Ametek, Inc. product image

Solartron 1260A Impedance Analyzer

Manufacturer Ametek, Inc.

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