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solariX XR
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  • Application Area: Top-down proteomics

"The extreme resolution provided by the solariX XR™ enables accurate, high quality mass measurements. This year we expect to publish a number of papers using data acquired with Bruker instruments. The data output is incredible, and the quality is unmatched. In comparison to the mass spectrometry instruments available ten years ago, those available today are phenomenal."

Review date: 10 May 2017 | solariX XR
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  • Organization: University Of Calgary

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  • Application Area:Petroleomics

"Product is working in acceptable conditions. Customer support is satisfactory. "

Review date: 23 May 2016 | solariX XR
Bruker introduces the breakthrough new solariX XR Fourier Transform Mass Spectrometer (FTMS) with the revolutionary new ParaCell™ for extreme mass resolution greater than 10 million. This level of eXtreme Resolution (XR™) represents an order of magnitude quantum jump in mass resolving power, and opens up entirely new scientific frontiers in chemistry and molecular biology.

The successful solariX™ FTMS product line was released in 2009 and quickly gained global acceptance as the premier solution for robust, ultra high-end mass spectrometry. This next-generation solariX XR offers a quantum leap in performance enabled by innovation in several cutting-edge technologies. As a result of these advances, the solariX XR will allow chemistry and molecular biology researchers for the first time to address some of the most complex and challenging samples with the ability to acquire mass spectra with an astounding 10 million resolving power, setting a revolutionary new benchmark never before achieved in the history of mass spectrometry, and far exceeding that of all other mass spectrometry technologies.

The core technology in the solariX XR is the academically acclaimed dynamically harmonized ParaCell™, developed by Professor Eugene Nikolaev and co-workers at the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow. This remarkably innovative design stabilizes the ion cyclotron resonance signal over a broad mass range for eXtreme Resolution scans of several minutes, thus enabling novel broadband, eXtreme Resolution scientific research, when high-throughput is not required. The effort necessary to achieve such extreme performance is now dramatically reduced by the operational simplicity of the new commercial ParaCell, continuing the ease-of-use tradition set by the solariX platform.

In addition to the eXtreme Resolution performance enabled by the ParaCell technology, the new solariX XR also provides record breaking performance at faster acquisition rates. The solariX XR is capable of providing resolving powers greater than 250,000 at m/z 400 in one second at 7T through optimization of processing algorithms used in the control software, including the use of broadband ICR absorption mode analysis. This enables high resolution workflows that provide greater information content with only half the time originally required, thus providing greater flexibility in experimental design.