SoFie™ - Stop flow controller

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The combination of HPLC separations and Radiochemical detection has been taken to a new level by LabLogic. Analysts can now achieve the lowest limits of detection in the industry with the SoFie stop flow controller and Laura software package. It is a fully automated system, designed, supported and maintained completely by LabLogic, the leaders in radiochemical detection.

SoFie replaces the requirement of time consuming and expensive Liquid Scintillation Counting of low level radionuclides. By using the optimised counting time in the radiochemical detector flow cell, the combination of the SoFie™ controller module and Laura™ software allows the radiochemical measurement to be entirely at the threshold and measurement level required by the user. With SoFie™ the radiochemist simply initiates a batch of samples and the system does the rest.

With SoFie there is no requirement to collect column effluent for further analysis. The possibility of sample loss and incomplete transfer into a well plate or counting device cannot happen. SoFie automatically determines how long a particular HPLC peak should be measured in the radiochemical flow cell to achieve the correct quantitation of all peaks in the chromatogram.

There is no requirement to change any method parameter. All existing HPLC conditions remain the same. Retention times are consistent with excellent reproducibility. Additional method development is not required.

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SoFie™ - Stop flow controller

Manufacturer LabLogic Systems Ltd

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