Snap Seal™ Vials and Snap Top Caps™ for the 96 Well Multi Tier™ Micro Plate System

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Patented sample vials and closures form a sealing system for use with autosamplers and robotic equipment

Chemists can secure samples in a snap with a new system for automated high-throughput sampling. J.G. Finneran Associates, a manufacturer and supplier of unique and innovative products for the global chromatography, biotechnology, and environmental research communities, has adapted its Snap Seal Vials and 8mm Precision Fit Snap Top Caps for the 96 Well Multi-Tier Micro Plate System. The Snap Seal glass vials combined with Snap Top Caps provide secure, solvent resistant containment for samples in a 96-well format with simple snap-on closures.

Snap Seal Vials for the 96-Well Multi-Tier Micro Plate System offer greater flexibility than polymer microplates. The 9 mm OD vials come in three sizes for sample volumes of 0.5mL, 0.75mL, and 1.0mL. The conical or tapered shape enables access to sample volumes down to 10µL. Snap Seal Vials have more glass in the neck area to minimize neck breakage during decapping. Sealing the vials is simplified with Snap Top Caps, which are available with PTFE, silicone or butyl rubber septa. Polymer Snap Top Caps do not need metal crimping and decapping tools, which eliminates exposure to the sharp edges of metal crimp caps. Easily sealed with a snap, samples are protected from evaporation and cross contamination.

The sample vials fit into the patented 96-Well Multi-Tier Micro Plate System, the innovative system invented by J.G. Finneran. An improvement on existing 96-Well systems, the Multi-Tier Micro Plate features a base plate with a vented design to assure uniform heating and cooling when immersed in a water bath. Compatible with all autosamplers and robotic systems, the Multi-Tier Micro Plate fits the standard 8 x 12, 96-well footprint and has spacers for adjusting for the height of different sized vials. Secure fit of the vials in the baseplate permits use with shaker and vortex mixers during sample preparations.

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Snap Seal™ Vials and Snap Top Caps™ for the 96 Well Multi Tier™ Micro Plate System

Manufacturer J.G. Finneran Associates, Inc

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