SmartSquirt®8 Micro-Perfusion System by AutoMate Scientific Inc.

SmartSquirt®8 Micro-Perfusion System by AutoMate Scientific Inc. product image
SmartSquirt®8 Micro-Perfusion System
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For programmable dispensing, microinjection, perfusion or spritzing of reproducible microliter volumes. Pulse a valve quickly for microliter delivery, or leave it on for constant perfusion. The short delivery path saves expensive reagents.

• Deliver microliter volumes starting with as little as 100 microliters of precious drugs
Switch between eight solutions in milliseconds from a single tip

• Minimize cross-contamination with BackStop™ backflow prevention
One-way check valves inside the reservoir block prevent liquid backflow from the tip.

Uses standard 2.5ml cryo-tubes as reservoirs
Special 3-way valve design stops liquid flow quickly
Convenient micromanipulator mounting (manipulator not included)
Easy ports for refilling reservoirs
Low noise design for electrophysiology

Valves and pressure controls housed in a small box near microscope - no stand necessary. Includes one, pressurized large volume reservoir for buffer.

Order with an AutoMate Scientific ValveLink® or ValveBank® controller or use your own. Can be combined with an AutoMate Scientific ThermoClamp-1™ for temperature-controlled delivery.

System includes:
• SmartSquirt Valve Pressure Unit with built-in valves, pressure regulator, gauge, and 5 micron filter
• Reservoir Block with eight cryo-tube reservoirs
• 8-channel Perfusion Pencil (specify removable tip size)
• Instruction Manual
* One year limited warranty covering both parts and labor