Smartfreezer - -86°C / -180°C robotic freezers by Angelantoni Industrie s.p.a

Smartfreezer - -86°C / -180°C robotic freezers by Angelantoni Industrie s.p.a product image
Smartfreezer - -86°C / -180°C robotic freezers

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Angelantoni Smartfreezer
-86°C / -180°C Angelantoni Robotic Freezers - Smartfreezer.
Ultra Low Temperature…Ultra High Security

Smartfreezer is the only fully automated Ultra Low Temperature Freezer for individual storage and retrieval of vials at -86 °C with mechanical freezer or at -180 °C in liquid nitrogen (vapor phase). Inventory management, traceability, operator safety and sample protection are combined into a single device to offer the ultimate solution for Biobanks and Biorepositories.
Smartfreezer can store more than 17.000 1.4 ml vials and more than 10.000 2.0 ml vials. The on board computer controls the robot to guarantee a quick access to the requested sample without the need of any manual action, preventing mix-ups, accidents and wastages.
All the information about user actions, sample locations, storage conditions and history can easily be exchanged with external L.I.M.S..