SIGIS 2 - Remote Sensing Product - FTIR by Bruker Optik GmbH

Manufacturer Bruker Optik GmbH

SIGIS 2 - Remote Sensing Product - FTIR by Bruker Optik GmbH product image
SIGIS 2 - Remote Sensing Product - FTIR
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SIGIS 2 is a scanning imaging remote sensing system that allows rapid identification, quantification and visualization of gas clouds from long distances.


The system maps a predefined area and results of the analysis are visualized by a video image, overlaid by a chemical image. The SIGIS 2 is part of the equipment of emergency response forces around the world. In addition, SIGIS systems are applied in environmental applications, atmospheric research, volcanology, and industrial facility surveillance.

SIGIS 2 Features:

  • Long-range detection (integrated telescope)
  • Ultra-low noise
  • Highest optical throughput
  • Unsurpassed detection limits
  • Unique system that combines performance of single detector FTIR with imaging
  • Automatic real-time identification
  • Compensation of atmospheric gases and interferents
  • Large spectral library (TICs, CWA optional)
  • Image overlay allows simple interpretation
  • Robust (deployed by emergency response forces worldwide)
  • Automatic 360°-surveillance and user-defined operation
  • Video- and infrared cameras for day and night use
  • Complete documentation of measurement
  • Scene image, spectra, compounds, position, time etc.
  • Automatic transmission of data to server
  • Transmission of results to command center or external experts
  • Post-analysis by external experts possible