ZEISS Shuttle & Find for Material Analysis by ZEISS Microscopy

Manufacturer ZEISS Microscopy  |  Available Worldwide
Bridge the Micro and Nano World in Materials Inspection and Analysis.

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ZEISS Shuttle & Find for Material Analysis
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Are you looking for a way to effectively combine different imaging techniques and analytical methods? Shuttle & Find offers precisely this: An easy-to-use, highly productive workflow from a light to an electron microscope – and vice versa.

The workflow between the two microscope systems has never been so easy. Instead of wasting valuable time relocating regions of interest from microscope to microscope, you can now navigate swiftly with only a few mouse clicks.

Regions of interest, tagged in one system, you recover within seconds in the other system.

Everything is fully integrated into the ZEN 2 core imaging software, enabling the control of all required Shuttle & Find functionality on both the light and electron microscope.

On top of that, you can easily open Shuttle & Find images from the digital microscope Smartzoom 5, to recover regions of interest identified in your routine work piece inspection workflow.

Additionally to the Shuttle & Find workflow between light microscopy and electron microscopy, ZEN 2 core offers an extensive range of image acquisition, analysis and reporting functionality.