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With a length clearly shorter than standard product, the Sterilin 5ml and 10ml shortie pipettes offer significant advantages when working in confined spaces such as laminar air flow cabinets.

Made to the same quality as the standard range of Sterilin pipettes, this less cumbersome product, which is easier to manipulate in confined spaces, enables routine liquid handling work to be carried out more easily. With its ‘peel’ or ‘push through’ paper peel packaging, it is the ideal product for scientists working in the tissue culture environment.

  • Gamma irradiated to ensure sterility and certified non-pyrogenic with an endotoxin level of below 0.25EU/ml
  • Batch specific certificate supplied in each carton
  • Lot number for complete traceability
  • Accuracy of ± 1% for nominal volume
  • Clear black printed graduations for maximum clarity
  • Descending and ascending graduations to aid pipetting
  • Negative graduations for extra capacity
  • Colour coded for ease of identification