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Sheet TFF Membranes

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A significant number of established large volume processes use ultrafiltration and microfiltration membranes in a variety of sheet formats. These sheets are fitted into specialized suppliers’ holding devices, typically called “plate and frame” systems (i.e., DDS/DOW, DSS).

Range of Membranes
Pall offers three basic types of membrane for flat sheet applications with ultrafiltration membranes rated from 650 Da to 1000 kDa and microfiltration membranes. Both the ultrafiltration and microfiltration membranes can be supplied to fit most existing equipment. Standard part numbers are listed overleaf. If the retrofit is not listed, please contact Pall.

Superior Performance
Evaluation work carried out with customers has shown that Pall membranes may exhibit superior flux and provide superior resistance to commonly used cleaning agents, allowing maximum re-use and a longer working life than other membranes. Such systems, with their large number of individual membranes, are time-consuming to re-sheet.

Longer membrane life therefore results in significant savings in labor costs, and allows equipment to be operational for a longer period of time – improving process economics.

Proprietary Membranes
Polyethersulfone membranes available from Pall are the low protein binding, high flux Omega (OM) with the largest range of Molecular Weight Cut-off ratings in the industry; Alpha (AM) — specifically designed to offer resistance to fouling by antifoams and Supor TFF (PM) for microfiltration.