Shandon Varistain Gemini Slide Stainer by Thermo Fisher Scientific

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Shandon Varistain Gemini Slide Stainer
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The Shandon Varistain Gemini Slide Stainer is designed for high throughput, precision, safety, durability and ultimate flexibility in histology and cytology staining applications. It features load-on-demand multiple baskets and programs, power outage backup and built in fume control to make staining easier, faster and safer.

With the touch of a single button, the software schedules runs, allocates reagents, optimizes the reagent plan and calculates the most efficient route for each protocol.

Software graphically displays the progress of each basket along with a text summary on the unit's VGA monitor.

Comes complete with suggested staining protocols which may be easily modified to the laboratory's procedures.

Stores as many as 50 staining procedures in memory.

Shandon Varistain Gemini Slide Stainer Features :

  • Load multiple 20-slide baskets on the machine.
  • Intuitive software makes it possible for the Shandon Varistain Gemini to perform separate protocols simultaneously with multiple baskets in process.
  • Units available with or without five independently heated positions for drying slides.
  • Units have 6 water stations, 26 reagent stations, and a total of 4 configurable doors for loading and unloading.
  • Battery back-up provides 40 minutes of power.
  • Ergonomic control panels, two loading doors and two unloading doors make the stainer convenient to operate.
  • Two-level design saves bench space.
  • Lower-level staining stations are on a turntable for easy access to all dishes from the front of the machine.