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The ShakIR accessory provides a fast, simple and inexpensive method of mixing and grinding samples for diffuse reflectance sampling and in preparation for making KBr pellets. A small amount of sample and the IR transparent diluent (typically KBr) are simply scooped into a vial with mixing ball. The ShakIR thoroughly mixes and pulverizes the sample within seconds. The reciprocating motion of the vial holder follows a figure “8” path. The vial is swung through a 5° arc at high RPM, causing the ball to strike the end of the vial, which is sufficient to grind most materials into a powder.

The accessory provides electronic control for precise and reproducible setting of grinding time up to 95 seconds. The protective shield provides security to grinder operation. The ShakIR construction and weight offer long-term, reliable operation, minimized vibration and noise.

The ShakIR offers a small footprint. The base is 14.4 cm x 17.2 cm with a height of 27.3 cm.

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