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SEQUEST® Cluster
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SEQUEST Cluster is a complete, preconfigured proteomics solution that enables accelerated throughput of increasingly complex, multidimensional informatics.

Product detail:

The SEQUEST Cluster offers a scalable solution for computing the large volumes of data typical in most proteomics analyses using LC/MS. Protein database search times are dramatically reduced by harnessing the power of several processing units in one, increasing throughput and saving the life scientist valuable time. Offered as an all-Windows or as a mixed Windows/Linux option, customers will have the choice to start small with a few processors and scale up as the demand for more throughput increases in their lab. The new SEQUEST Cluster includes several BioWorks 3.1 software features, including TurboSEQUEST, Enhanced XPRESS™, Peptide Matching, ZSA for charge state analysis, and much more.

SEQUEST Cluster is optimized to enhance productivity by enabling the proteomics researcher to:

  • Identify proteins automatically by comparing tandem mass spectrometry (MS/MS) data with standard protein and DNA databases
  • Correctly identify weak-signal proteins in mixtures by extracting and cross-correlating uninterpreted MS/MS information
  • Analyze a single spectrum or an entire LC/MS/MS peptide map automatically


  • Using a loosely coupled parallel algorithm that matches the MSMS spectra of digest peptides with computer generated fragmentation spectra predicted from genomic and or/protein sequence database, SEQUEST Cluster demonstrates impressive scalability.
  • SEQUEST Cluster greatly reduces the overhead of MS information management by allowing one instance of the application to analyze a large amount of data.
  • Although the SEQUEST Cluster application runs within Microsoft ® Windows ®, compute nodes can use either Windows or Linux ®.
  • The SEQUEST Cluster is bundled with Thermo Electron’s BioWorks ™ 3.1 protein identification software suite, the industry standard for protein identification. BioWorks is engineered to reduce the complexity of the most sophisticated proteomics analyses.

SEQUEST is a registered trademark of the University of Washington. All other trademarks are the property of Thermo Electron Corporation and its subsidiaries.