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SeqCap EZ Pure Capture Bead Kit is designed to provide sensitive and robust methods for capture and purification of DNA sample libraries enabling high-quality targeted sequencing results.

The SeqCap EZ Pure Capture Bead Kit offers researchers a set of capture and purification beads used to prevent secondary capture and isolate DNA sample library from contaminants during amplification.

The kit includes SeqCap EZ Capture Beads and SeqCap EZ Purification Beads: Capture beads are used to recover the capture DNA sample from the hybridization of the DNA sample library and the SeqCap EZ Library; Purification beads are used to purify the amplified DNA sample library and the amplified capture DNA sample library after LM-PCR.

SeqCap EZ Pure Capture Bead Kit Features:

  • Ordering convenience for your target enrichment experiments
  • Sensitive and robust methods for cleanup of DNA sample library for high-quality DNA sequencing results
  • Rigorous quality control and manufacturing standards ensure high-quality reagents from Roche