Sepacore Flash Chromatography System by Buchi Labortechnik AG

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Sepacore Flash Chromatography System

Buchi Labortechnik AG

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Flash chromatography for simple or challenging compounds

The system is particularly well suited for the purification of complex mixtures, such as plant extracts or very crude synthesis reaction mixtures. In such cases, the separation of compounds having a broad polarity range may require running reversed phase flash chromatography. Such separations are easily handled with the Sepacore system which can run both flash and Medium Pressure Liquid Chromatography (MPLC) separations at a pressure up to 50 bar (715 psi).

Easy scale up to 100 g
The same flash system can be used to purify from 1 mg up to 100g sample amount. The wide flow rate range from 2.5 ml/min to 250 ml/min is compatible with a broad choice of disposable cartridges, as well as with glass columns with a diameter up to 100 mm. BUCHI glass columns are available in various sizes and bring an unmatched combination of resolution and visibility for large scale separations.

Modularity at its best
Whether a simple isocratic or a more sophisticated flash system is required, the Sepacore system can be tailored to the application requirements and updated at any time. The system control can be performed either manually or in a fully automated way with a separate PC or a large touch screen interface. If a high level of automation is required, up to five columns can be run sequentially in a fully unattended way.