Sep-Pak® Cartridges and Plates by Waters

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Sep-Pak® Cartridges and Plates

Solid-Phase Extraction (SPE) can be one of the simplest, most cost effective and versatile, method of sample preparation. Utilizing low cost, prepackaged, disposable cartridges containing chromatographic packing, a sample analyte of interest is separated from other species in the sample matrix by loading the sample onto the device and selectively eluting the desired compounds using different solvents.  Waters Sep-Pak® Cartridges and Plates are a family of SPE Devices available in a wide variety of chemistries and configurations. The range of chemistries covers reversed-phase, normal phase, ion-exchange and other sorbents for special applications.

Available in a variety of designs, the Sep-Pak® product line offers specific functional benefits, but all contain the same high quality packing sorbents. This makes the transfer of methods from one design to another straightforward and predictable.