Sensor Chip CM5 by GE Healthcare

Manufacturer GE Healthcare

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Sensor Chip CM5

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The most versatile chip available – the first choice for immobilization via -NH2, -SH, -CHO, -OH or -COOH groups.

The most versatile chip available. The versatile, general purpose matrix. It has unsurpassed chemical stability and assay reproducibility. Couple ligands to CM groups via native -NH2, -SH, -CHO, -OH or -COOH.

Sensor Chip CM5 Applications:

  • Suitable for ligand fishing
  • Suitable for high capacity capture
  • Supports a wide range of immobilization levels
  • Attach proteins, nucleic acids, carbohydrates or small molecules
  • Couple to carboxyl groups on the sensor surface via -NH2, -SH, -CHO, -OH or -COOH