SELMA 96/384 by Analytik Jena AG

Manufacturer Analytik Jena AG
CyBi®-SELMA – Semi-Automated Electronic Pipetting System

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SELMA 96/384

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The SELMA 96 / 384 is a semi-automated pipetting system, which processes liquid handling steps fast, precise and with a high reproducibility.

Equipped with 96 or 384 tips working in parallel, 96 and 384 well microplates can be filled in the twinkling of an eye. Making painful tendonitis a thing of the past. All movements and processes, which important for high precision as well as for reproducibility, are achieved by reliable motors. This ensures always excellent and constant results. The automated tip drawing feature avoids the complex process of mounting tips. Prepackaged tips can be used immediately with no time-consuming loading process.

A special feature: The manual control of the correct fit of each single tip is not necessary anymore due to the automatic tightening of the tips and the tip sealing technology, which has been proven effective under high throughput conditions. Tips can be changed effortlessly within a few seconds, after which the SELMA 96 / 384 is ready for the next application. The SELMA 96 / 384 is characterized trough very easy handling without the need of a separate controlling by PC. Pipetting, dispensing and a lot of more modes are chooseable by the usage of a modern 3.5"" touchscreen. That panel is used for entering desired parameters, as volume and pipetting speed for instance and for the start of the routine afterwards. All manual processing steps, like changing of microplates, are shown on the display. Thus a fast and precise handling of microplates is guaranteed.