Selectrazyme™ Beta-glucuronidase by UCT, Inc.

Manufacturer UCT, Inc.
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Selectrazyme™ Beta-glucuronidase
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Rating: 5.0

  • Application Area: Toxicology

"Ease of use: beta-gluc comes in convenient size options. After sales care: prompt delivery, refrigerated packaging, no issues with use while refrigerated. Value for money: Reasonably priced and can rely on product to produce consistent results. "

Review date: 24 Feb 2016 | Selectrazyme™ Beta-glucuronidase
Abalone derived enzyme. Available in both liquid and lyophilized forms. Liquid enzyme activity > 100,000 Units/mL - Lyophilized enzyme activity 1,000,000 - 3,200,000 Units/g