SECOM with Wide-Field Fluorescence Microscopy

Manufacturer Delmic B.V
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Rating: 3.7

  • Application Area: Correlative Microscopy

"Easy, fast correlative microscopy. Compatible with most SEMs. It is possible to find Regions of Interest easily. Enables the imaging of whole cells correlatively."

Review date: 07 Nov 2012 | SECOM with Wide-Field Fluorescence Microscopy
In the life sciences, the SECOM platform can be used for easily and quickly combining light and electron microscopy. In one device, the SECOM platform allows the user to obtain functional color information through fluorescence microscopy and structural information by using the scanning electron microscope. As the optical axes of both microscopes are very precisely aligned, the overlay of the fluorescent and electron images becomes as easy as drag-and-drop.

This product combines a wide-field epi-fluorescence microscope with the SECOM platform. This combination serves to obtain a direct broad overview of the sample. It comes with navigation software which allows for obtaining electron microscopy images based on the optical microscope, thus minimizing specimen damage.